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Biological Name: Myristica fragransNutmeg

Other Names: Jatikka, Nutmeg, Jati, nutmeg flower, small fennel flower, black caraway, bishop’s wort, flower seed, nigella seed, black cumin

Additional Info: An evergreen plant, indigenous to Indonesia and specially raised in India, the Molucca Islands, South Africa, the West Indies, and other countries located in tropics. The tree may reach up to 60 feet in height and commonly fructifies in a period of 15-20 years after its appearance. The fruit of oval form is characterized by a kernel, included into a reddish membrane. Spice mace is got from the membrane, why the kernel itself provides the nutmeg.

Elements Applied: Seed is commonly considered active for medical purposes.

History: Mace and nutmeg are differently valued and applied for different purposes. The extract has gained its popularity since the time of ancient Rome. It was really valuable and expensive, and some countries even tried to make a monopoly on selling it.

Used for: The plant is highly valued for its aroma, as well as its property to fight flatulence, induce menstruation, saliva excretion, expectoration, as well as stimulate the organism and relieve constipation. It is known to produce a hallucinogenic effect on the organism.

Applied in inconsiderable doses the plant is used to enhance digestive functions and boost appetite. Nutmeg oil is believed to produce a positive effect on people suffering from gas accumulation. The herb is usually applied as a food addition. It is useful for relieving flatulence and fermentation in the bowels. Additionally the plant is applied for sickness and vomiting.

Safety: Nutmeg may produce a hallucinogenic effect equal to marijuana. Moreover, its overdose is not only responsible for hallucinations, but may also lead to delirium, stomachaches, impaired vision, and other characteristic signs of poisoning.

Warning! Even two nutmegs are potent of triggering lethal outcome.