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Biological Name: Pyrethrum radix, Anacyclus pyrethrumpellitory

Other Names: Spanish Camomile, Pellitory, Roman Pellitory, Akarakara, Pyrethrum, Akarkara, Pyrethre, Aquarqarha, Pellitory of Spain, Akkirakaram, Akkarakaram, Akkalkara

Elements Applied: The part commonly used in medical preparations is root.

Active Components:

The core components included in pellitory is volatile oil, accompanied by pyrethrin or pellitorin, an alkaloid. Additionally it includes lignane, alkamides, tannins and fructosan (inulin). Alkamides are represented by dehydroanacycline, anacycline, and deca-2,4-dien acid-isobutylamide.

If applied externally the plant causes skin nerves irritation and results in burning and red-colored skin.

Used for:

This plant’s capacity consists in boosting saliva excretion, energizing the brain and the organism in total. Helps the digestive system to perform its functions. Also used as an analgesic remedy to reduce toothaches (gargling), epilepsy symptoms, paralysis, and hemiplegia. Aids the respiratory system by curing sore throat and enlarged tonsils. Additionally the plant is used to fight insects and treat insect bites.

Additional Info: The plant is indigenous to the Mediterranean, Northern India, Arabian nations, Himalayas, and Northern Africa.

Preparation and intake:

The herb is commonly used in form of tablets, tonic, cream, and powder. To treat epilepsy pellitory powder is inhaled. Tablets are effective in different cases, and are practised in case of child anxiety, painful tooth eruption, colics, diarrhea, vomiting and bad sleep. The dose varies from 1 to 5 grams. If taken as part of Akara Karabhadi Churna the plant acts as an active remedy for erectile dysfunction and colon disorders. As an infusion Akara is an effective remedy for diabetes. To make an infusion 35 grams of herb extract is diluted in water.

Safety: When taken under control of a health-care provider the herb can’t do any harm to your organism. In case of an overdose a burning sensation or irritation may take place due to the plant’s ability to stimulate skin nerves.