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Biological Name: Phragmites communisPhragmites

Family: Gramineae

Other Names: reed rhizome, Lu gen, Phragmites

Elements Applied: The rootstock is commonly applied in herbal medicine.

Used For: The herb is known to reduce urination, treat bacterial infections, and prevent vomiting.

Phargmites is a valuable remedy applied to relieve pulmonary conditions, accompanied by yellow phlegm, thrist, and fevers. It may be applied for sickness and vomiting, caused by stomach heat. As a remedy for the lower parts of the body the herb is applied to relieve damp heat, accompanied by urinary infections, blood in urine, painful urination, and dark urine. The plant looks like bamboo in its appearance.

Preparation and Intake: The common dose is from 9 to 30 grams.

Safety: The plant is not recommended in case of stomach or spleen deficiency induced by cold.