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Biological Name: Pinelliae ternataePinellia

Family: Araceae

Other Names: ban xia, pinellia

Elements Applied: The rootstock is the commonly used component.

Used For: The remedy is used to fight coughing due to its expectorative effect. It is also applied to relieve pains.

Pinellia is widely applied for treating coughs and moving the mucus out of the organism. It helps cure the problem particularly in the case where spleen can’t cope with its functions. The plant is additionally applied for vomiting, sickness, and mucus evacuation. In these cases the herb is commonly mixed with ginger and citrus peel. In Chinese medicine the plant is usually applied for gland, goiter, and nodule swellings, provoked by liquid stagnation.

Preparation and Intake: The average dose commonly prescribed in 8 grams on average.

Safety: Pinellis should be avoided during pregnancy and in case of bleeding, and problems with blood circulation. Exercise care when applying herb for diseases associated with fever. According to conventional herbal scriptures, pinellia should not be mixed with aconite.