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Biological Name: Platycodi grandifloriPlatycodon

Family: Campanulaceae

Other Names: jie geng, Balloon Flower Root, Platycodon

Elements Applied: Root is the commonly applied element in herbal medicine

Used For: The plant is applied for treating inflammations, coughs, and relieving pains.

The remedy is widely applied to boost mucus movement and its expectoration from the respiratory system, thus healing coughs. Additionally the herb is applied for lung inflammations, sore throat, and voice problems. Ridding the lungs of the mucus, the remedy helps cure the respiratory conditions.

In Chinese conventional medicine the remedy is applied additionally to other potent herbs, in order to increase their effectiveness and raise their activity to the upper part of the corpus. The plant is thus applied in moving mucus, while curing habitual colds, flu, lung tuberculosis, and bronchitis.

Preparation and Intake: The commonly applied dose is 5 grams on average.

Safety: The plant is not recommended to use in case of hemoptysis, due to its ability to raise the body energy up.