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Biological Name: Prunellae vulgarisprunella

Family: Labiatae

Other Names: all heal, Prunella, self heal, Xia ku cao

Elements Applied: The commonly applied part is flower spike

Used For:

The remedy is widely known for its ability to reduce fever, eliminate inflammations, boost urinary organs and produce a soothing effect on the vessels, so necessary under condition of high blood pressure.

Prunella is potent of curing hypertension symptoms like red and aching eyes. Acts as an effective resolvent for many kinds of tumors, including those induced by cancer. The plant may be also applied to breast, goiter lumps and enlarged lymphatic glands.

Additional Info: The herb can be found in North America, predominantly in the east and in the west of its northern parts.

Preparation and intake: The commonly administered dose is 10 grams on average.

Safety: In case of spleen or stomach disorders or dysfunction prunella should be avoided.