Red Coral

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Biological Name: Corallium rubrumRed Coral

Other Names: Parvara, Praval, Red Coral

Additional Info: Corals can be met in gulfs, seas, and oceans.

Elements Applied: Shell is commonly applied in herbal medicine.

Used For: Corals are known to reduce acid content, relieve diarrhea, induce urination and vomiting, prevent constipation, and stimulate the digestive system.

The range of conditions in which Red Coral is applied includes: wasting, vomiting, vertigo, urinary diseases, spermatorrhea, scrofula, pulmonary tuberculosis, headaches, gonorrhea, dizziness, fevers, dyspepsia, debility, coughs, carbuncles, recurrent bronchitis, bilious headaches and asthma.

Preparation and Intake: The substance is used in form of ash powder.

Safety: There is no data concerning the plant’s safety level. Exercise care. Ayurvedic remedies are commonly mixed with other herbs to reduce the toxic effect imposed on the body. Coral should only be used under permanent medical control.