Salep Orchid

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Biological Name: Orchis laxiflora, Orchis mascula, Orchis latifolia, Allium MacleaniSalep musali

Other Names: Salabmishri, Salam-mishri, Salep Orchid

Elements Applied: Root is commonly applied in herbal medicine

Used For: The herb is known to restore the body after diseases, stimulate its proper functionality and activity. The range of conditions in which Salep Orchid is applied includes wasting diseases, sexual or nervous debility, impotence, general weakness, paralysis, hemiplegia, dysentery, diarrhea, and diabetes.

Additional Info: The plant is indigenous to Afghanistan and Iran.

Preparation and Intake: To prepare a decoction, use a teaspoon of root powder for a 200 ml of boiled milk.

Safety: Using this plant, don’t take or consume intoxicants, spicy meals, acids and chilies, don’t be sexually active. There is no further data concerning the herb’s safety level. Exercise care. Ayurvedic plants are commonly combined with other herbs to reduce the toxic effect one of them may produce on the body. Use only under medical control.