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Biological Name: S-AdenosylmethionineS-adennosylmethionine

Other Names: Ademetionine, SAM, S-Adenosylmethionine

Active Comonents: The core elements used in S-adenosylmethionine production are ATP (adenosine triphosphate), a vital component your organism needs for energy generation, and methionine, an amino acid.


The traces of SAMe history relate to 1952, when it was first discovered. The substance was tested on its ability to produce positive effect on patients with depression, and thus its ability to cure arthritis was also detected. Nowadays its effect is defined not only in curing the consequences and signs of arthritis, but reducing its development in the organism. Still, there is no scientific evidence to this.

In Italy SAMe is practised for treating depression in its early stage, as it’s generally considered safer and more efficient than traditional chemical medicines, used for depression.

Used For:

The main spheres where SAMe is applied are arthritis and depression. Additionally, SAMe can be used for curing some liver conditions. Despite of the fact that SAMe efficiency in treating arthritis has not yet been proven scientifically, there are many facts to justify the substance’s effectiveness. However, there are cheaper alternatives to implement for this purpose. There is some statistics to prove its effectiveness in curing depression as well. There are additional cases where SAMe can be successfully employed as an alternative way of treatment. These are fibromyalgia, Parkinson’s syndrome, Gilbert’s syndrome, and jaundice in the period of pregnancy.

There are two examples of scientific studies to prove SAMe’s effectiveness in treating arthritis. The first one is a test, conducted in Italy, which involved a group if over 700 individuals, divided into three subgroups. The first one was treated with a commonly used medicine for arthritis, naproxen. The second one received SAMe as a treatment for the disease, and the third one was given placebo on a daily basis. In nearly a month, the results in the two first groups were significantly better than those in placebo group. The level of SAMe’s effectiveness was almost equal to naproxen. However, it should be noted, that the dosage of naproxen taken was really smaller that normally taken by arthritis sufferers. If a normal one had been utilized in course of this study, naproxen would have definitely scored better results.

The second study conducted on the effectiveness of SAMe in treating arthritis involved about 50 individuals, divided into two groups. The first one was supplied with a normal dose of piroxicam, another remedy for arthritis, the second one received SAMe as treatment. As a result of this study there was no difference revealed in the effectiveness of the two remedies, as they sowed equally positive results. However, it was noted that those who had received SAMe saved the effect of the remedy for a certain period, and felt no pain, in comparison with those on piroxicam, who had to continue the course, in order to prevent the pain’s reappearance.

SAMe has been known as an effective remedy for depression since 1976. A couple of studies on its anti-depressant abilities have been conducted to prove its efficiency. As a result of these researches it has been revealed that SAMe is as effective as chemical medicines used for curing the condition, or even safer and more efficient in some cases.

Being tested in comparison to placebo and alternative medicines SAMe has proven its positive effect on depression sufferers, which is significantly higher than in case of placebo, and noticeably better than that of chemical medications. The total number of depression sufferers involved in the studies is about 1500.

Warning! SAMe is not recommended to apply in case of bipolar disorder, as it may only worsen the condition and provoke its reappearance.

Preparation and intake:

The normal dose of SAMe applied three times daily is 400 mg. You should adhere to this dosage pattern for a couple of weeks, and then cut it twice, if you feel the remedy produces an effect satisfactory enough to fight the condition.

There is a tendency to have stomach problems when starting off with a normal dose of 400 g. If you feel there is a possibility to have stomachache, start with minimal dose and increase it day by day until your organism gets used to it.


According to multiple researches, conducted on people and animals, there is no negative impact on the organism, except that of upset stomach. As a remedy for depression, SAMe is potent of worsening the condition in case of bipolar disease. There is no evidence of whether SAMe is safe to use in the period of pregnancy, breast-feeding or in the early age. Exercise care when trying to use SAMe in combination with traditional remedies for depression. Health-care provider’s advice is highly recommended before taking any actions.

Medicine Interaction

In case you have a prescription on conventional drugs for depression SAMe should not be applied unless you have a permission from your doctor. When used as a treatment for bipolar disease, you should also have a medical advice before taking the remedy. There is also a possibility that SAMe inhibits your medicine’s activity, and a larger dose should be taken if recommended by the doctor. If combined with Levodopa, SAMe can produce a better effect on Parkinson’s disease sufferers.