Sankh Pushpi

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Biological Name: Canscora decussataSankh Pushpi

Family: Gentianaceae

Other Names: Kambumalini, Sankaphuli, Sankh Pushpi, Samkhapushpi, Shankhini

Additional Info: The plant is indigenous to Burma and India.

Elements Applied: Each plant’s part, but primarily the juice, is applied in herbal medicine

Used For: The herb is known to boost metabolic rates and treat nervous disorders

The range of conditions in which the herb is applied includes: scrofula, nervous debility, insanity, and epilepsy.

Sankh Pushpi is thought to be effective in treating nervous disorders, like brain conditions and other, providing better and longer memory, in addition being a metabolic booster. Herbal medications produced from the plant are known to improve memory.

Preparation and Intake: The herb is commonly used in form of paste, powder, decoction, infusion, and juice.

Safety: There is no data concerning the herb’s safety level. Ayurvedic plants are known to be mixed with other herbs to reduce the toxic effect one of them may produce on the organism. Use only under careful medical control.