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Biological Name: Rauvolfia canescens, Rauwolfia serpentinaSarpa gandha

Family: Apocynaceae

Other Names: Kanakachandrika, Chota-chand, Nakuli, Sarpa-gandha

Additional Info: The herb is indigenous to Malay, Java, Sri Lanka, India, and other countries.

Elements Applied: Root is commonly applied in herbal medicine.

Used For: The herb is known to reduce fevers, calm the nervous system, and act as a digestive stimulant due to its bitter taste.

The range of conditions in which the plant is applied includes: painful intestinal conditions, insomnia, insect bites, insanity, hypochondria, elevated arterial tension, fevers, and dysentery.

Preparation and Intake: The herb is commonly used in form of pills, powder, and decoctions.

Safety: The herb is forbidden for sale in the US. Leads to fatality if taken in large quantities.

Long-term application for more than 10 years may lead to infertility.

Not recommended for internal use.