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Biological Name: Scutellariae baicalensisscutellaria

Family: Labiatae

Other Names: Chinese skullcap, Scutellaria, Scute, Huang Qin

Elements Applied: Root is commonly applied in herbal medicine

Used For: The herb is known to reduce inflammations, relieve bacterial infections, induce bile movement, decrease arterial tension, and calm the nervous system.

The herb is the most commonly used herbal remedy for damp heat cases, particularly for the upper part of the body. It is prescribed for conditions, associated with yellow phlegm excretion, as well as bloody phlegm, skin conditions, urinary infections, jaundice, dysentery, and diarrhea. It may be applied by pregnant women to reduce fetal anxiety. Scute is highly beneficial for people with elevated blood pressure, accompanied by flushed face, eye redness, and irritability.

Additional Info: The herb is indigenous to China.

Preparation and Intake: The common dose is from 3 to 9 grams.

Safety: Scutellaria is contraindicated for people with pulmonary fevers or diarrhea. It should be avoided if fetal anxiety in a pregnant woman is caused by cold.