Shephards Purse

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Biological Name: Capsella bursa-pastorisShephards Purse

Family: Cruciferae

Other Names: permacety, Shephards Purse, case wort, cocowort, mother’s heart, shepherd’s heart, shepherd’s sprout, pickpocket, pepper grass, toywort, St. Anthony’s fire, pick purse, St. James’ wort, St. James’ weed

Elements Applied: Each plant’s part except the root is applied in herbal medicine

Active Components:

  • Polypeptides of undefined composition;
  • Flavonoids; quercitin-3-rutinoside and luteolin-7-rutinoside;
  • Herbal acids; bursic and fumaric acids
  • Bases; tyramine, choline, histamine, acetylcholine.

Used For: The herb is known to induce urination, treat inflammations, reduce bleeding, act as an astringent, heal the sores and cleanse the body.

It is applied in any case where a weak diuretic action is necessary, for example, excessive liquid accumulation in the body due to kidney conditions. Its astringency can be seen in cases of nasal bleeding, wounds, diarrhea and other disorders. The remedy is particularly beneficial for menstrual irregularities, both insufficient and excessive discharge.

Conventionally the herb is employed for post-natal hemorrhage, and other cases of internal bleeding, like pulmonary bleeding, hemorrhoids, kidney conditions, and fevers.

Commonly mixed with: The herb is well mixed with Periwinkle, Cranesbill, and Agrimony

Preparation and Intake: To make an infusion, take 1-2 teaspoon of dry herb extract, fill it up with 250 ml of boiling water and steep for several minutes. If applied for female problems, the infusion is taken at an interval of 2-3 hours prior to menses. In other cases the remedy is used thrice a day.

In form of tincture the herb is applied in a quantity of 1-2 ml thrice a day.

Safety: There is no data concerning the safety level of the plant. Still, it is possible that the herb interacts with the medicine you use. Don’t take the herb without medical consultation.