Sweet Annie

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Biological Name: Artemisiae annuaesweet-annie

Family: Compositae

Other Names: artemisia annua, Qing hao, Sweet Annie

Elements Applied: Leaves are commonly applied in herbal medicine.

Used For: The remedy is applied to reduce fevers, fight the infections induced by microorganisms and fungi, especially malaria.

Sweet Annie is a herb known to fight fevers of different types and origin, including the ones induced by malaria. It is also applied to cure inflammations. The extract is applied orally and locally to treat diseases induced by microorganisms and fungi. The plant is applied for inflammations even in case of moisture misbalance.

Preparation and Intake: The commonly used dose is 6 grams on average.

Safety: Sweet Annie is not recommended to use in case of diarrhea, spleen and stomach dysfunctions, and fevers induced by moisture misbalance in the organism.