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Biological Name: Talcumtalcum

Other Names: hua shi, Talcum

Used For: The substance is known to induce urination, relieve bacterial infections, prevent vomiting and diarrhea.

It eliminates heat and reduces irritation. Additionally, it can be applied for painful urination and summer heat symptoms, like fevers and diarrhea. Moreover, the substance is quite beneficial in case of poisoning, both as a topical and an oral remedy, as it dissolves the toxic substances and slows down the process of poisoning.

It can also be applied for skin conditions, like rashes, and in form of douche for mucous membranes. It may be used internally to prevent and treat vomiting and diarrhea.

Preparation and Intake: To make a decoction the substance is taken at a dose of 9-12 grams. It is necessary that the herb is covered with gauze to be separated from other extracts.

Commonly mixed with: To relieve pains, induced by urinary tract stones, mix talcum (12 g) with alisma (9 g), plantain seed (9 g), poria (9 g), polyporus (9 g), and cinnamon twigs (4 g).

To relieve summer heat accompanied by dampness, as well as thirst, diarrhea, and vomiting, mix licorice (6 g), and talcum (12 g).

Safety: Talcum is not recommended in absence of damp heat, and should not be used by pregnant women.