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Biological Name: Tanacetum vulgareTansy

Family: Compositae

Other Names: golden buttons, Tansy, ginger plant, Batchelors Buttons, parsley fern, hindheel, bitter buttons, common tansy

Elements Applied: Each herb’s part except the root is applied in herbal medicine.

Active Components:

  • Flavonoids; diosmetin, jaceosidin, jaceidin, quercitin, apigenin.
  • Volatile oil, germacrene D, thujone, bornyl acetate, sabinene, a-pinene, camphor, umbellulone, and l,8-cineole.
  • Sesquiterpene lactones; tatridin, l-epiludovicin-C, parthenolide, 11,13-dehydrodesacetyl- matricarin, artemorin.

Used for: The remedy is applied to kill helminthes, fight flatulence, boost menstruation and perspiration, stimulate the system. It its highly valued for its aroma and bitter taste.

Tansy is widely applied as a vermifuge remedy, due to its effectiveness with this regard. The plant should not be applied for a prolonged period as volatile oil it contains may be poisonous for the system, especially in high amounts. The plant is specifically applied for threadworm and roundworm. It can be applied as enema for infants. It has a capacity to induce menstruation, still it’s not recommended for pregnant women. The plant is applied topically to treat scabies.

Warning! Dangerous for pregnant women.

Commonly mixed with: To cure bowel helminthes the plant is usually mixed with wormwood. To produce a laxative effect, it should be combined with Senna. To act in flatulence the herb is mixed with chamomile.

Preparation and Intake: To prepare an infusion, take one teaspoon of dry herb extract and fill it up with a cup of boiling water. Let it stay for 15 minutes. The mixture is taken two times a day.

In form of tincture the plant is applied in a dose of 1-2 ml thrice a day.

Safety: Warning! Not suitable for pregnant women. Overdose can lead to lethal outcome. Not suggested to use without medical supervision. Exercise care.

The dose should be kept normal, and the period of its use should be limited, as the plant can be poisonous for the organism. Apply only after a consultation with your health-care provider.