Trichosanthes fruit

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Biological Name: Fructus trichosanthesTrichosanthes fruit

Family: Cucurbitaceae

Other Names: gua lou, Trichosanthes fruit

Elements Applied: Fruit peel, seeds, and the fruit itself are applied in herbal medicine.

Used For: The herb is known to reduce inflammations, treat bacterial infections, prevent cancer, induce expectoration, and relieve pains.

Promotes sufficient blood circulation in lungs in case of chest congestion. Also used to stimulate peristalsis by providing intestinal relaxation. The herb is beneficial for hard-expectorating phlegm, potentially linked with hard breathing.

Moreover, the herb is applied to treat gland swellings, carbuncles and boils, breast and lung abscesses. Recently, the plant has been applied by Chinese homeopathists to decrease lipid content in blood, as well as to relieve hypertension.

Additional Info: Different plant’s parts produce different effect on the body. Seed and fruit are applied for almost the same aims. Still, the seeds are more capable of relaxing the bowels, relieving phlegm, and node inflammations. Fruit peel is applied to treat stomach conditions.

Preparation and Intake: The herb is used at a quantity of 6-18 grams.

Safety: The fruit should be avoided by people suffering from dampness and coldness, particularly in case of spleen deficiency.