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Biological Name: Euonymus atropurpureusWahoo

Family: Celastraceae

Other Names: burning bush, Wahoo, bitter ash, Spindle Tree, pegwood, Whahow, strawberry tree, wauhoo, Indian root, Indian arrow wood, Indian arrow

Elements Applied: Root bark is commonly applied in herbal medicine

Active Components:

  • Alkaloids like atropurpurine and asparagine;
  • Cardenolides derived from digitoxigenin;
  • Sterols; homoeuonysterol, atropurpurol, euonysterol.

Used For: The remedy is applied to induce bile movement, cure liver conditions, promote urination, stimulate the body and its metabolic rates (especially fight constipation), induce expectoration, and boost blood circulation.

Wahoo is effectively applied for liver conditions. It fights congestion, while stimulating bile movement and thus inducing proper digestion. It is applied for jaundice and gallbladder conditions, like pains, congestions, and inflammations caused by gallbladder stones. Particularly the plant is applied to treat constipation which happens due to gallbladder or liver conditions. Due to its potency to regulate liver functionality, the herb may also enhance your skin healthiness which may be interrupted by liver abnormalities.

Conventionally applied for constipation, spleen and pancreas conditions, dropsy, liver conditions, dyspepsia, malaria, fevers, as well as lung and chest infections.

Preparation and Intake: To make a decoction tale half or one teaspoon of bark extract and fill it up with a cup of water. Boil it up and steep for 15 minutes. The result is taken thrice a day.

In form of tincture the remedy is applied in a dose of 1-2 ml thrice a day.

Safety: Warning! An overdose of wahoo bark may produce a strong laxative effect. Exercise care when dosing the remedy and do it only under medical control.

There is no additional data concerning the plant’s safety level. Still, there is a possibility of interaction with chemical medicines. It’s not recommended to use the remedy without a consultation of a health-care provider.