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Biological Name: Gaultheria procumbensWintergreen

Other Names: ivory plum, wintergreen, hillberry, Canada tea, redberry tea, partridge berry, red pollom, checkerberry, grouse berry, boxberry, chink, ground berry, aromatic wintergreen, wax cluster, spicy wintergreen, spice berry, deerberry, mountain tea

Elements Applied: Leaves are the commonly applied elements in herbal medicine.

Used For: The plant produces a stimulative effect, additionally used to fight diarrhea, boost urination, induce menses, and eliminate bacteria and infections.

The remedy has been used for centuries. If applied in limited quantities and on a regular basis, the remedy works as a heart, lung, and stomach stimulant. Additionally applied for recurrent rheumatic pains, fevers, diabetes, sciatica, skin conditions, scrofula, and bladder conditions. The remedy is also believed to be successful in treating flatulence, gonorrhea, dropsy, stomachaches and indigestion. Plant oil is applied both topically and orally. Applied in various ointments.

Safety: There is no data concerning the plant’s safety level. Still, there is a possibility of interaction with chemical remedies. It’s not recommended to use the remedy before you have a consultation with your health-care provider.