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Biological Name: Dioscorea bulbiferaYam

Family: Dioscoreaceae

Other Names: Zamin-kand, Yam, Nooran, Varahikand, Kachil, Gendhi

Additional Info: The herb is indigenous to India.

Used For: Warning! Glucosides in which the plant is rich are toxic, they promote excessive mucous accumulation. The herb should be used only after speaking to a specialized herbalist.

The herb is known to relieve spasms, pains, boost sexual desire, promote urination, rejuvenate the body.

The range of conditions in which the plant is applied includes: anorexia, syphilis, nervous excitability, infertility, hysteria, hormonal deficiency, hemorrhoids, aging process, lack of breast milk, semen count and other secretions; impotence, diarrhea, dysentery, colic, stomach cramps and pains.

Preparation and Intake: The plant is used in form of candy, bolus, powder, milk and water decoction.

Safety: Warning! Glucoside found in the herb is toxic, it provokes mucous congestion. Take the herb only under medical control.