Yerba Santa

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Biological Name: Eriodictyon glutinosumYerba Santa

Other Names: tar weed, Yerba Santa, mountain balm, Consumptive’s weed, bear’s weed, gum plant

Elements Applied: Leaves are commonly applied in herbal medicine

Used for: The plant is valued for its scent. Additionally it’s used to promote expectoration.

The plant’s conventional application is for catarrhal pulmonary diseases, asthma, recurrent bronchitis, and laryngitis. Quite popular for cold-in-the-head and nasal congestion. Additionally applied for rheumatism. The herb is used topically to heal bruises, sprains, insect bites, and sores.

Safety: There is no data concerning the plant’s safety level. It is possible that the plant interact with a chemical remedy you use. Speak to your health-care provider before using the plant.