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Ingredients - VigaPlus - Impotence - Men's Health - Oshims.com

VigaPlus Ingredients

Nicotinic acid – 10 mg
Plays an important role in the process of sexual hormone excretion. The component also provides histamine boost in the organism, thus making it possible to have a sufficient blood supply in the penile area for a strong erection during sexual intercourse.

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride – 10 mg
Supports the immunity on its fight against threat factors. Makes vascular walls widen to provide a sufficient blood supply to the penile area in case of erectile dysfunction. Due to this property the component is powerful in fighting impotence.

Unique Compound – 120mg
Argyreia speciosa
Boosts sexual desire considerably and works as an enhancer for male fertility.
The component makes the organism energetic and improves its health. It act as a natural sexual drive booster as well.