DuraMale Ingredients

The substance is purely natural and is known to enhance the levels of nitric oxide in the organism. The oxide in its turn is responsible for widening vascular walls in the penile area, which makes the blood supply to this area sufficient. The component is also characterized by boosting sexual drive and making sperm contents better.

The substance is responsible for enhancing sexual desire and drive, thus making your chances for good sex higher. It can also make your emotive state better and brighter, which is necessary for successful sexual relations.

Unique Combination

Hygrophila spinosa
The plant is known for its ability to treat impotency, as well as the tendency to ejaculate earlier than needed.

Argyeia speciosa
Affects the emotive state of a patient and his mood. It makes the nerves relax by calming them. For this reason it is used as a remedy to treat premature ejaculation. It also boasts enhancing semen content.

Mucuna pruriens
Makes the sexual desire higher and provides a sufficient amount of testosteroned excreted to make the chances for success higher. Enhances semen content.

Tribulus terrestris
The substance takes responsibility for the release of androgen. It is also responsible for enhancing testosterone amounts, as well as making the organism healthier and stronger. For this reason the component is used to eliminate erectile dysfunction and increase fertility in men.