How to Define the Size of Vagina and Is It Important?

Thursday, September 24th, 2009 No Comments Under: Tighten Vagina

British researches investigated vaginas, as well as vulvas of females and made a thorough comparison. For many of you it’s a question why vagina and vulva are named as individual areas. Actually, the majority of women consider them to be just the same. Vagina is considered a place where classical sexual intercourse happens, or through which a baby passes in labor. Vulva, in its turn, is only a passage or a place where satisfaction is concentrated. Still, it’s not really so.

To explore female vulvas in comparison English researches made several measurements in the area. They defined where urethra is located and how large it is in size; what color and thickness are characteristic for vulvar lips, how close to the anal passage vulva is located. Another research implemented the statistics gathered about 39 female vaginas.

Their verdict was that females bear great difference with relation to sexual organs. The form does not vary greatly, but the sizes tend to be different with various women. The size, according to their results, depends greatly on the constitution. Women of large stature and massive figure are likely to have bigger vagina than of smaller height.  According to researches, this, however, does not influence the width of the vagina, which varies only for half of inch among women. As for the length, its variety is nearly in 3 inches among women.

Still, while woman’s age and the amount of babies she has delivered naturally affect the size of the vagina, it’s not the ultimate value. Vagina tightness depends much on the muscle condition in the area. If the muscles in vagina are strong, their walls have thickness of nearly two inches, while the women with untrained muscles have them four times thinner.

Still it’s impossible to do something with the location or total view of the vagina, it is still possible to make vagina tight by applying several simple exercises, one of which is a famous Kegel exercise. Still, to make the vagina as tight as possible, you should choose a complex of exercises or purchase a special device for exercising muscles. This will also enhance sexual satisfaction in a woman.

Females win over males with relation to the question how to improve their sexual experience. Males have to wait for long to increase penis size. As for a female, it’s possible to correct everything by mere exercises.

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