Oolong Tea and Weight Loss

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011 No Comments Under: Weight Loss

There have been a lot of articles about the benefit of green tea in the framework of weight loss. But even the better means oolong tea is considered. It is also known as wu-long tea.

Actually, it is a tea and it grows and resembles other teas in the process of growth. It is not a herb and the difference from other teas lays in the processing way.

Black and green teas are processed in a different way than oolong tea. The leaves of the latter are first left to sun-wilt and then bruised therefore allowing the oxidizing process to start. The leaves turn brown and have great floral flavour all due to the fact that the oxidization is partial. There are oolong teas that can be bright green or dark brown. The same goes with the flavour – it either resembles the one of green or black tea.

Moreover, oolong tea was noted to burn 157% more fat than green tea therefore it is so beneficial for general health. It is, perhaps, the best and the fastest way to loose weight. Oolong tea has a potential to boosts metabolism and therefore 2 cups of tea a day will do great good.

Oolong tea is beneficial not only for those who aim to loose weight. Those people who just want to keep fit, look slim and be toned can also drink it. Oolong tea does not allow fat to accumulate in the organism and can be successfully used instead of various diet supplements. It is also a good thing to regulate he achieved weight balance.

This tea is as well the great way to get rid of your belly fat. Of course, not on its own, but if compared with certain flat stomach exercises. Moreover, it works great by lessening cholesterol levels and reducing therefore the risk of heart problems.

However, do not let anyone full you with the promises of quick results. The effect is, of course, not as speedy as it is advertised sometimes. It closely connected with your lifestyle in general and the effort you make working out and eating healthy. Therefore be wise and do not expect miracles. Oolong tea is a great weight loss helper but it does not mean that all that is required is drinking it. Hence, it is recommended to stick to a low fat, low cholesterol diet and exercise regularly.

To cap it all, one can say that oolong tea is great weight loss method and the best thing is that it’s completely natural. To add to its benefits there should be said that it makes the immune system stronger and provides with a general feeling of health.

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