How to Control Kid’s Overweight

Wednesday, February 16th, 2011 No Comments Under: Obesity

Children’s overweight is surely increasing particularly in India, in the cities where they rather play computer games and watch TV than do something out-of-doors. The games children play are far from being intellectual, on the contrary they slow down the natural progress. Children become lazy sitting all the time, they mostly eat junk food. The result is overweight which is not needed at any age but especially in youth. Today it is difficult to see children playing outdoors. Such folk plays as running and catching one another or similar are not popular among children.

Adults are responsible for children leading deskbound life. Instead of really controlling the kids, spending much time with them, talking to them and playing with them, parents just give them pocket money being satisfied kids will eat and entertain. Kids eat what they want, mostly sweets and chocolates and when they want. It leads to overweight in such sensitive age. In colleges and schools everybody laugh at them. Overweight in childhood usually causes overweight in adult age.

Stop overweight in its initial stage; otherwise children can suffer several diseases – gall stones, osteoarthritis, diabetes, problems with heart and hypertension.

The following hints may be useful:

*Be aware of child’s appetite. Never compel him or her to eat even if you yourself are having meal.

*Never use food to calm the child down or as a reward. It shouldn’t be a custom.

*It is enough for a child to eat twice a day but substantial meals. Again sweets should not be a prize for eaten meals otherwise it will be preferred.

* Healthy and balanced diet is very useful for a child. You may consul t a doctor or a dietitian about it.

*No more than 30% of daily meals can contain fiber – fruits, vegetables and grains. Natural calories, taken from fat, are also essential.

*Make sure you give your child fresh food, hot food but not too hot.

* Do not accustom your child to fast food restaurants, no more than two or three times a month.

*Watching TV time should be limited. Persuade your kid to do some actions, such as running, playing ball, cycling, walking, playing tennis, football etc.

* Let your kid to do some training in the morning or in the evening. Yoga is useful too.

* Pay at least 1-2 hours attention to your child daily, no matter how busy you are. Play and walk together.

* Do not give pocket money till you teach you child how to use it.

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