Menu for people suffering from hypertension.

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Sometimes it may seem to us that doctors prefer medicines to natural ways of lowering high blood pressure. But medications are not so harmless at times and can cause undesirable side effects, that is why natural ways are worth looking for.

It was noticed that big amount of potassium, calcium and magnesium contained in products can contribute to better control of blood pressure. These products should make a healthy diet for people suffering from high level of blood pressure. Such diet should have fatty acids, but little amount of saturated fats, sugar and salt. Here is the list of products, which are advised during hypertension.

SPINACH is good and can help avoid heart disease as there is much magnesium in it. The presence of folate guards you from homocysteine, which can cause stroke and heart attack when contained in high amount in the body. It is better not to cook much food in advance to consume fresh food always. Give preference to salads, which contain raw ingredients as a rule.

SUNFLOWER SEEDS have magnesium, phytosterols and potassium and they will lower the level of cholesterol (when you have high level of cholesterol, your blood vessels become lower and as a result blood pressure rise).

BANANAS have potassium and are rich in fiber. Two bananas a day will diminish your risk of heart attack.

UNSATURATED FATS can assist when you wish to reduce cholesterol level and are the source for fatty acid our bodies need so much. Omega-3 acid is contained in fish can save you when heart disease is possible. When you choose fish for you menu, give preference to salmon, trout or mackerel, which are oily and good for health. It is better to steam, bake and grill fish without salt. Sardines are also good for the safe menu of this kind. The best option for you would be fresh fish and if you buy tinned fish then make sure that there is little salt in it.

GARLIC is good for people with heart problems as it thins the blood. You can eat one or two cloves a day, but if you are afraid to stay without friends this way, then you can choose to take it as a supplement to food you eat.

TOMATOES contain much potassium and calcium and also A, C, E vitamins. The presence of such mighty antioxidant as lycopene in your diet reduces risk of heart disease. Thanks to antioxidants present in tomatoes LDL cholesterol is not oxidized and does not stick to the walls of blood vessels. Such stuck tiny particles are able to raise blood pressure, making less room for blood circulation in the blood vessels. If you like tomato juice, then this is the best way to take useful nutrients. It is especially good to make your own juice with the help of juicer. If you do not have this device, then make sure for juice to contain no salt or sugar.

BROCCOLI is rich in nutrients. It has potassium, chromium, which regulates insulin and blood pressure. But broccoli should not be overcooked. If you do not want to lose nutrients, then put it in the pan with water to cover vegetables and boil it. Or you can steam broccoli too. This is even better than boiling. Or try it raw, when cooking. You will certainly like it.

HAWTHORN is able to widen the arteries thus making way for blood flow that is why you will not suffer from high blood pressure. When taken as tea it will be of great help to you. This is easy to prerare it. Put 2 spoonfuls of hawthorn mixture (of flowers and leaves) to the cup and pour boiling water. Strain it 20 minutes later. 2 or 3 cups of this healing elixir should be taken every day.

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