Can Acne Be Cured with Light?

Monday, August 31st, 2009 No Comments Under: Acne

Commonly it’s recommended to stay in the sun to get rid of acne, but we consider this advice unserious. However, it has been revealed, that light produces positive results in acne treatment. Treating acne with light, violet is produced by special lamps. The operation is processed two times a week, and leads to great results (the amount of acne left is only 30%). If the therapy is used on a daily basis, it can remove acne at all.

The effect is gained because of the fact that acne producing microorganisms are killed with the use of violet light, which is also capable of purifying skin folder, thus giving a chance to cure acne. These microorganisms disappear from skin for several days, however, if therapy is paused, they can reappear. The majority of acne sufferers (80%) has shown positive results in course of the therapy. There are no non-prescription medicines as efficient as light therapy.

Due to the fact that from the technical point it is cheaper to apply to the therapy than to purchase the remedies for treating acne regularly, it has become a common practice for teens and adults to apply to this method, as it seems more economic and more practical in terms of deployment.

One more example of acne light treatment is blue-light treatment, in course of which the problem is eliminated for more than a half. Still, it cannot be used as a unique means of treatment, thus, it’s accompanied with a certain acid, to make the process faster. Blue light produces weaker effect in comparison with red and violet lights, for which reason it is used in combination with additional active agent.
Aside of special equipment, sun also produces positive effect, helping you eliminate the issue. According to researches, skin benefits from sun light, and the fact that it can reduce acne is proven with evidence. Statistically, people who enjoy active rest in the sun outside can get rid of acne easier than those stay-at-homes in front of their displays.

To use no healing cosmetics for treating acne it is recommended to apply to light therapy. It has proven its positive effect on many sufferers. Even sun can help you in fighting the seemingly non-treatable skin problems and making it possible for your dream to have clear skin to come true.

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