Using Natural Methods to Quit Smoking

Monday, September 21st, 2009 No Comments Under: Stop Smoking

Many people have made lots of useless attempts to give up smoking. So the majority of them can prove it’s not an easy task. Of course, being not easy doesn’t mean being impossible. Some smokers wishing to quit the habit use medical treatment to assist themselves. Still, for those who rely on their will, there is a common way to stop smoking finally. Some of the tips listed below can be really helpful in your initiative and bring you to a positive result with no drugs and no hypnosis.

1. Motivation Is a Core Element
It would not be surprising if I say that you won’t likely stop smoking if you have no motivation. Take a notebook, or a blank sheet, divide it into three columns. The first one will represent a list of health disorders, which are connected with smoking. The second one will stand for your own reasons that can’t be neglected and thus should be counted with. The third column will be used for marking the bonuses you’ll have when you stop smoking. This notebook or sheet should be considered the major remedy or treatment you apply, and should be overviewed on a regular basis. Moreover, inform your friends and relatives you are going to quit.

2. Make a Reasonable Plan
Is your intention to stop smoking serious or spontaneous? Are you going to employ your will and soul power to assist the process? Consider whether you’ll be able to give up in a moment and relapse to your habit again in a month, or make it a gradual process, which, when finished, will likely change your life forever?

3. Hold a Distance
The major condition to be observed is to get rid of all cigarettes in any place you can leave them. The next step is to think over the moment where you are most inclined to smoke a cigarette, for example, at a break in your office, or elsewhere. If you have smoking pals gently ask them to avoid their habits when you enjoy their company. They won’t refuse making you a favor if they really want to have good relations with you. Overall, you should avoid any case, place or moment when you can follow you common habit to smoke.

4. Deceive Your Organism
If you are close to taking a cigarette again, take a snack, make a cup of coffee, listen to music, do anything that can draw you from lighting it. Only just you substitute a cigarette for any action; you’ll see how quickly your burning desire disappears. The fight is difficult.

5. Profit from Your Own Mistakes
Of course it’s not guaranteed that you stop smoking from the first attempt of your withdrawal, many people step on this way for several times. However, to avoid previous mistakes, you should consider what exactly prevents you from quitting.

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