Some Facts to Know about Genital Herpes

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Genital herpes commonly appears causing irritation, itching in genitals and even being painful at times. Sometimes its first signs can be headache.

Bumps appear in different areas. In men they can be found on the penis. As for women, bumps can be found in the cervical area and in the vagina. Blisters can also appear in the areas close to genitals. In some days after appearing, bumps burst and result in sores that require over two weeks to fade away.

There is a couple of signs also characteristic for herpes. Besides mentioned, a person can feel irritation when urinating. Women can have transparent excretion from urethra or vagina. Men are also exposed to excretions from the penis. Sometimes, all these symptoms are accomplished by inflamed glands in the genital area.

The full name of herpes is Herpes Simplex Virus or HSV. Herpes comes in two types, HSV1 and HSV2. The latter is the variation which infects the genital area. The way these two types act is nearly the same, both HSV1 and HSV2 produce bumps, which result in sores; and when the sores are cured, the virus fades away for a certain period to wait for “better times”. Commonly, when the second outburst takes place, it’s similar to the first one, though it’s not as marked. However, there is no tendency in viral behavior, as it behaves in a special manner in different patients. It may be expressed in more outbursts, or their vividly marked character.

The majority of people are united by the same signs of the first viral outburst. They suffer from high temperature, muscle pain, tiredness, inflamed glands and headache.

One addition should be given to information above. Originally HSV2 was the only reason for genital herpes to occur. Namely, it was the only variation that could cause the infection. Nowadays, as the virus has assimilated, both types are capable of producing herpes blisters in the genital area. So if one has been unfortunate to get infected by HSV1, it can result in genital herpes, as well. Moreover, the virus tends to reveal itself in three days to two weeks after the person gets infected.

When genital herpes bursts out for the first time

Females are more exposed to genital herpes than men are. The cases of infection are more frequent and appear to be more difficult for treatment than in men. Besides, they are also more painful.

If the infection outbursts on the vaginal or cervical tissues, it can result in excretions, and even worse, in pain and irritation in course of urinating. In some cases blisters can appear for the second time in course of the first outburst in women.

How much time will a person suffer from the first outburst?

The period for which herpes blisters and sores stay has already been marked above. Still, first genital herpes outburst can be active in course of two or three weeks, and its consequences can even be felt up to six weeks. When the bumps are healed and fall away the infection can’t be transmitted through them anymore.

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