Studying the Ways of Genital Herpes Treatment

Monday, October 5th, 2009 No Comments Under: Genital Herpes

Many people enjoying sexual life, have come face to face with genital herpes, and have a necessity to cure it. Modern scientists consider new technologies and treatments the best way to address the problem, and to choose the right direction towards healing the first thing they have to do is to research the infection, trying to understand its nature and behavior in people. This will help them further develop medical remedies, effective in treating the disease.

The issue which currently prevents health-care providers from prescribing an effective cure is the infection’s ability to fade away for a certain period and reappear when the organism is weaker to oppose it. Duke University scientists have probably found the answer for this question in course of their studies. They have discovered a sector in viral genome, which is responsible for virus remissions and its reappearing. The main purpose of this study was to lead to introduction of a treatment which will impede the virus from fading away. If the study leads to a positive result, people, infected by genital herpes, will only have to overcome its first outburst, and taking the medicine will get rid of the virus forever.

Another group of researchers, located in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, has discovered that the virus has a vital necessity of special enzymes to progress. The scientists hope that introducing a medication capable to eliminate or block these enzymes, will make it possible to cure infected people.

The medicines mentioned are being elaborated together with vaccines, processed from peptides and proteins discovered in HSV. Moreover, virus genome is also researched on the subject of its vulnerability to virus-eliminating medications.

In 2008 a representative from pharmacological business Vical in the USA stated that a vaccine based on virus genome had been elaborated. To cure the infection patients are offered an injection which contains a part of virus genome, plasmid. The component leads to elaboration of HSV-2 proteins. After the proteins are created, human’s immunity responds by reacting to them as an infection and finally produces a natural barrier. When the vaccine was tested in mice, it acted positively, eliminating the virus, however, it’s a long way for it to be tested on people.

Attempts to discover a guaranteed cure for genital herpes tend to be successful with time, but there is much research and many discoveries to be done before people can get it. Still, the main way to stay aside of the virus for the present moment is to be protected.

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