Do You Have to Apply or not to Apply Cryotherapy for Curing Genital Warts?

Monday, January 18th, 2010 No Comments Under: Genital Warts

If there is a place for genital warts you should not think of medications in any cases but pregnancy. Medicines are also necessary if warts occupy a vast area and bring you much discomfort and irritation. In other cases, these warts would disappear themselves without any drug or therapy.

In case if your choice has fallen on surgery, there are many variants to offer these days. Among contemporary technologies applied for curing genital warts cryotherapy is one of the adequate. Here is some information about it:

1) Cryotherapy consists in applying extraordinary low temperature to impede and stop abnormal tissues from spreading. This technique is considered to be one of the best surgeries used to get rid of genital warts. Still, the method is also applied in different cases. For instance, in curing skin defects like birthmarks or skin tags.

2) Cryotherapy should not be considered if you have no recommendation from a specialist who has experience in addressing the disease and can’t have his assistance. To have the instruments and medications necessary for conducting the operation is not enough for making it yourself. The main requirement for any surgery is that it should take place in appropriate conditions, notably, in a hospital.

3) Cryotherapy requires implementation of liquid nitrogen. The component is employed for blocking abnormal tissues produced by the infection. As the disease is addressed literally, it’s more likely that you get cured.

4) When cryotherapy takes place, liquid nitrogen is spread over infected area. After the process the place is covered by wheals. But in some days the wheals come off, and genital warts are totally cured. The surgery is usually conducted for several times in order to exclude any recessions.

5) Even though this surgery is rather costly, it becomes an alternative used more and more frequently by the patients. In some days after cryotherapy the bumps disappear forever. Moreover, there are less expensive alternatives to cure genital warts in its worst cases, but they presuppose more invasion. According to scientific researches it is more likely for other surgeries to have side effects like scars and irritation, than for cryotherapy.

6) In course of operation and during a certain period after it, a person can suffer from irritation and pain in the genital area. The wheals are sometimes unpleasant, as well. For this reason the majority of health care providers make a prescription for oral analgesic preparations to help their patients. To have a relief you can also apply an appropriate gel or cream.

7) If you suffer from a remission after cryotherapy, your health-care provider will likely apply interferon for renewing the surgery. The medicine is also used for freezing the bumps. However, its additional effect lies in anti-viral component which blocks the infection. Still, treating the disease with interferon is costlier and more difficult than with liquid nitrogen, so it’s employed only in the worst cases of genital warts.

8) In case of genital warts any medication or treatment therapy can be called less or more successful. For this reason there is a place for recession. The fact is explained by the viral origin of the disease, which is very hard to address and cure. So there is no confidence in any method.

When the operation takes place it only worsens the condition of the disease. Still, its influence on the viral infection is not guaranteed. But the majority of people suffering from genital warts are fortunate to get rid of it just in a year after its appearance.

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