Some Facts and Tips on Genital Warts

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What is the origin of genital warts?

Genital warts are the result of being infected by human papilloma virus. They occur in any skin area, and for this kind of virus are characteristic for appearing in genital area. Their view differs from the type of infection. Human papilloma virus is known to have over a hundred of kinds, and more than a third of them tend to occur in genital area.

What Signs Characterize Genital Warts?

The signs characteristic for genital HPV appear in form of white, red or brown bumps around or on the genitals. In case of men and women the symptoms are different and the warts vary in form and place of occurrence. In men they tend to appear near the anus, penis, or scrotum. As for females, the warts can be inner and outer, for instance, in or out the vagina, or on the cervix. Cervical warts can result in bleeding.

Bumps can be singular or clustered. In some people they cause itching, but usually there are no signs of any discomfort except moral. Warts can further appear around the anus, no matter whether the partners had anal sexual contact.

If genital warts potentially exist in the named areas it’s safe to address a health care provider who would rapidly diagnose them.

How to cure genital warts

If you are infected with human papilloma virus, it cannot be told for sure you’ll get rid of it using the medicine. Frequently, there are several recessions which take place after the first case, but they are less and less marked, until you get rid of infection in a natural way.

There is a possibility to face genital warts even after you cure them. As HPV does not belong to microorganisms, it cannot be addressed with antibiotics.

Most frequently prescribed medications are the following:

– Podopfilox gel is currently prescribed as a home treatment. It comes not without negative effects but is especially suitable for self-cure.

– Podophyllin resin is a lotion spread by your health-care provider over the warts and removed in four hours. To be effective, the liquid should be applied several times.

– Cryotherapy consists in employing liquid nitrogen for blocking warts. Children are not recommended to overcome it.

– Laser application is necessary when the areas covered by warts are wide and hard to treat alternatively. This therapy is costly.

– Electrocautery is a therapy which presupposes removing warts using a needle which conducts electrical current. The operation should be processed in an authorized hospital by a specialist, and used in a case an alternative therapy is helpless.

– Surgery – an operation is processed by the health-care provider to ablate the warts. There are certain recommendations for sexual life in course of treatment and after the surgery, which should be given by the practitioner.

There are natural remedies to cure genital warts, but it’s highly recommended to visit a health-care provider before taking any actions.

If a pregnant woman has faced genital warts, it’s important to address the health-care provider. Podophyllin is not a treatment to be used in course of pregnancy, for it can affect the fetus negatively. Seek for a harmless alternative in this case.

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