Scalp Psoriasis

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In addition to problems with skin Psoriasis can result in hair loss. The fact that a person suffers from it is only aggravated when he/she has no idea about curing it. The problem which is one of the most actual with relation to psoriasis is treating its scalp variation, preventing hair loss, recovering lost hair and maintaining its integrity.

Psoriasis as It Is

Psoriasis does not belong to infections, so it cannot be transmitted; it is rather connected with immunity problems. The disease has different forms and can affect the scalp. Psoriasis is expressed in red areas of skin, which can cause itching in a sufferer. The illness is considered to be provoked by medicines, other diseases, blood poisoning and even emotional state.

Hair Loss as a Result of Psoriasis

Psoriasis affects scalp area in considerable number of its cases. When a sufferer takes no measures to impede its spread it can lead to hair loss. To make the disease effects milder one can apply certain shampoos which include salicylic acid in their contents.

Beware of ever removing any scales which are formed on the head skin as it may lead to negative consequences for your follicles and eventually result in hair loss. If one loses his hair because of psoriasis, he will evidently recover it when getting cured from the disease, of course, in case the follicles are healthy.


To soothe itching sensation one can apply some dentilave like Lavoris, carefully spreading it over the scalp. Another remedy is carbonated vaseline, which can also reduce itching.

In case of psoriasis no chemical substances like hair tint or relaxing products should be applied. The substances can result in negative consequences for follicles and thus provoke hair loss.


Psoriasis is not a disease that should be treated; it is commonly a result of other health problems which should thus be addressed. Commonly people having psoriasis are also diagnosed with blood poisoning. The organism contaminated with harmful substances through the blood is an easy target for different diseases, as well as psoriasis.

When the intolerable amount of harmful substances penetrates into human’s organism, the skin is full of acids, open to psoriasis. The disease can sometimes be cured, when a person stops smoking cigarettes and abandons entertaining drinks, and starts eating healthy food like vegetables, fruit, and drinking healthy beverages like filtered water and herbal teas. Fatty products and fried potatoes are among meals which only provoke psoriasis.

When the disease attacks it’s better to switch to fish, lamb meat, pasteurized milk with low fat content. To make the condition of head skin better it’s important to consume products including Omega-3 acid. Fish is commonly recommended, but avoid sushi, mackerel and some other kinds of fish.

Fried meals, fatty milk and all the products forming acids in the organism should be excluded from the diet. Among alcohol beverages only some red wine is allowed.

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