TrichoZed Ingredients

Pyridoxine Hydrochloride
Helps the organism assimilate fats and proteins. Assists natural skin guard and stimulates the follicles to produce hair.

The component makes nails and hair stronger. Its ability also consists in skin enrichment. Belongs to the class of vitamins and is used to treat hair loss.

Emblica officinalis extract
Impedes hair thinning, stimulates the follicles for better production and ensures color pigment of hair is excreted properly. The plant is known to ensure scalp safety by its anti-septic qualities.

Serenoa repens
Ensures that the process of hair thinning is prevented and hair recovery is supported. Impedes dihydrotestosterone production in the scalp, thus impeding hair loss reasoned by this enzyme. The component is also known for improving scalp nourishment and reducing the risk of hair loss. Enhances the condition of hair.