CaliPlus Ingredients


Prescription Altrenative

  • Cialis

Arginine Hydrochloride
To get a strong erection one needs a sufficient blood supply to the penile area. To be sufficient, it needs vascular walls to be widened. Nitric oxid, to which this component transforms in the human’s organism, helps widen the vessels and thus make the blood supply sufficient.

The substance helps our organism to provide itself with hormones like noradrenalin, adrenalin and dopamine, which arise sexual desire and energy in a patient and thus lead to a successful accomplishment of sexual intercourse. The substance belongs to the class of amino-acids.

Siberian ginseng
The extract of this plant helps get rid of erectile dysfunction by boosting sexual desire, while it enhances the excretion of hormone testosterone.

Mucuna pruriens
the component is also known for boosting testosterone levels in the organism, thus enhancing sexual desire. It can also double the amount of semen.