FemVigor Ingredients

Pyridoxine HCL
This component, dubbed Vitamin B6, is responsible for supporting muscle nutrition and growth, and supplying the nervous system.

The substance transforms into nitric oxide, when it gets to the organism. Nitric oxide, in its turn, takes responsibility for awaking sexual desire and boosting female sexual ability and libido. The component is applied to enhance HGH excretion in the organism, thus supplying sufficient blood amounts to the muscles. Its additional capacity lies in increasing sexual capacity in females, and thus making their sexual lives successful.

Asparagus adscendens
Boost sexual desire. Belongs to the class of plants which enhance sexual activity.

Abelmoschus moschatus
The plant is known for enhancing sexual desire and supplying sufficient blood flow to the vaginal area, increasing chances for orgasm.

Anacyclus pyrethrum
The plant ensures one who takes it boosts her fertility. It is also responsible for enhancing libido and energy levels.

The plant is known for its ability to reduce pain, eliminate inflammations and boost sexual drive. Its ability lies in making hormone levels normal, and thus increasing chances for sexual satisfaction. It is also used as a calmation remedy and produced a positive effect on the nerves.