Glauber’s salt

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Biological Name: Sodium sulfateGlauber's salt

Other Names: Mang xiao, Sodium sulfate, mirabilitum, Glauber’s salt

Used For: The element is known to treat constipation, relieve inflammations, and induce urination.

Glauber’s salt is applied to relieve constipation, as it is known to dilute the feces, particularly in case they lack liquid and are hard to evacuate. It may also be applied to reduce fevers, linked with mouth and breast ulcers, to heal which it may be used both locally and orally.

Preparation and Intake: The common dose is from 3 to 12 grams.

Safety: The element should be avoided by pregnant, menstruating or post-natal women. People with spleen insufficiency and individuals of older age should also avoid using it.