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— Sida alinifolia, Sida alba, Sida Spinosa. Nagabala is primarily applied as a demulcent to relieve the cases of gleet, gonorrhoea and scalding urine. Additionally the herb is applied in primary cases of fevers and debility.


— Melia azadirachta, Azadiracta Indica. Family Azedarach, Meliaceae. Neem is effectively applied for a wide range of conditions, including the digestive ones, like constipation, diarrhea, jaundice, vomiting, and bowel helminthes. Additionally, it can be used to relieve respiratory conditions, like coughs, bronchitis, and so on. As a topical remedy it is used for skin diseases, like eczema.


— Urtica dioica. Family Urticacea. Nettle works as a body stimulant. It provides the organism with lacking power in spring. The herb is successfully applied in case of rheumatism and arthritis. It is quite beneficial for eczema, especially its variety diagnosed in children.


— Solanum dulcamara. Nightshade is applied externally due to its poisonous properties. As a topical remedy it is used for bruises, sprains, swellings, herpes, and gout. It’s not recommended to take internally


— Notopterygium forbesii, Notopterygii incisum. Family Umbelliferae. The herb is applied to relieve various types of pains, including arthritic and rheumatic ones, particularly if they take place in the upper back. Additionally, the herb may be applied for common colds and influenza.


— Cyperus rotundus. Family Cyperaceae. Nutgrass is effectively applied in Ayurvedic medicine to treat common cold and influenza, as well as digestive conditions, like gastritis, diarrhea, indigestion, and so on. It is also used to relieve menstrual cramps and induce sufficient lactation.


— Myristica fragrans. Nutmeg is a potent remedy used to stimulate gastro-intestinal tract. It is responsible for fighting flatulence, constipation, and helps increase metabolic rates. The plant is additionally used as a food addition. Its overdose may be fatal. Taken for a prolonged period the herb may produce a hallucinogenic effect, which is equal to marijuana and other hallucinogenic drugs.